For the past few weeks, daily activities in the city of Mombasa were interupted by heavy rainfall, this was despite the Meteorological Department’s warning. Flooding of the streets had students struggling to get to their respective learning institutions and traffic congestion was at its all-time high due to the impassable roads. Businesses remain closed due to lack of customers since most residents remain indoors following the warning. Apart from  inconveniences caused by the flooded roads, Mombasa residents also face the risk of waterborne disease outbreaks.

These stream of predicaments reoccur in the city due to failing or lack of proper drainage systems, and has been a major concern for the County Government of Mombasa. The most affected areas being Nyali, Kisauni, Bombolulu, Kongowea, Kaa Chonjo and some parts of Mombasa CBD. The transport and infrastructure Chief Officer Engineer Albert Keno said that the systems, which are small, cannot contain the water capacity. Hence there is ongoing work to expand the storm waterways to allow water to drain into the Indian Ocean. There is revamping of the drainage system in Mkomani area which is yet to be completed. The county also announced a major drainage construction along Chaani which is the outfall of changamwe. Other areas where drainage systems had been put are Sisi Kwa Sisi village around Changamwe in 2014.

The meteorological department, in an advisory, further warns that the heavy rainfall will continue pounding the city and will be accompanied by flash floods and strong winds.