The Miji Bora project has developed a typology of stakeholders categorized under global, regional, national, local level partners and local citizens of Mombasa. For national and local level partners, stakeholders include local affected communities and their formal and informal representatives, local or national government authorities, as well as different partner organizations.

Global partners Regional partners National partners Local level partners

Stakeholders should be actively involved in various sector working groups to facilitate strategic planning. The Miji Bora Project has started to identify and actively engage the stakeholders according to their level of influence and interest in relation to the key issues of interest to the County Government of Mombasa and being addressed by the project.

“Influence was defined by the power stakeholder has in addressing key issues within the county”, Tracy Kamau.

Further desktop review is being undertaken to understand the attributes, interrelationships and interfaces among stakeholders by first mapping out relevant stakeholders for the City of Mombasa. One of key observations made is the need to identify additional sources of information to complete the analyses was noted.

After the desktop reviews, the project had planned to follow up with a validation through field consultations with stakeholders. This have been put on hold due to the current restrictions by the national and county government occasioned by the need to flatten the COVID 19 curve. Due to uncertainties over when normality could return, the project is now considering mitigating this by beginning undertaking virtual interview through teleconferences and social media as Mombasa to enable completion of focus groups and surveys with stakeholders.